How do I find a Partner/Invite a Partner? (using the Java version)


Here are some tips how to find a partner. (tips in no particular order) 

  • Advertise on the FindAPartner forum. You will find the FindAPartner button on our home page under header Comment Boards.
    Send a sticky note to: FindAPartner to advertise anonymous
  • Play in an Individual Tournament (Excellent way to get to know people!)
  • Look at one of the Members in the Club lists if system match compatible players are available.

  A, B, or S shows to the left of the icon of the member
A means ACOL - BASIC or MULTI2D /  B means BENJI ACOL / S means SAYC - SIMPLE or FULL

A seated man means the member is seated at a table.
A leaning man means the member is lurking, and does nothing
The circle means that the player is kibitzing.
A red cross through the symbol means that the player does not want to be disturbed
In addition the icon of the member turns yellow if there is an exact match on a system(s) that you play, and the A,B or S turn yellow to indicate where the match(s) is found
If you think you found a suitable partner, you can chat to him/her or Invite As Partner.
Click the alias and click --> Show Profile of ***
Then Click the Invite button.

The player can then Accept or Decline your Invitation.
  • Ask a 'Lurker' personally or broadcast to lurkers or the entire room. You may well find that others are also looking for a partner. 
- Type something like: "Someone like to partner me in DIDO please? (or Social or Pairs Tournament or ....)
Then choose Lurkers from the chat bar drop down next to TALK to at the right and press TALK  and wait for a player to reply to you... don't be shy and do this more than once if not successful the 1st time.  
Other players might do the same, so pay attention to the chat bar, so you can react to a possible advert.

If you see an advert by a player and want to reply to him/her quickly:

Click MEMBERS on top and click: Show All Members Sorted By Alias (no details) (remember to press REFRESH regularly)

Type your message; click the alias of the player and choose: Send Chat to ****
This sounds a bit long winded, but once done this a few times, you are used to it.

Also: Is your Profile as complete as possible?  Some members won't invite other members whose Profiles are incomplete.


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