Desktop Icon disappeared. Reinstall Desk Top icon

My desktop icon no longer shows.

1.) Remove any previous installations of the BridgeClub application
2.) Restart the computer !!
And then 3.) download and install the application again from the BridgeClub web site.

as follows:

1.) Open the Java Control Panel -
    -If an Apple Mac: Click on the Apple icon on top left of screen.
   -Go to System Preferences
   -Click on the Java icon to access the Java Control Panel.

Look for Temporary Internet Files - click [Settings] --> [Delete Files] ; tick all 3 options and [OK]
OK again to go back to the Java Control Panel --> General tab.
Now Click [VIEW] under the same Temporary Internet Files.
Highlight BridgeClubLive and/or Bridge4Free / --- IOBC --- Applet and
Click the red X at the top to Delete. Delete ALL BridgeClub Applications if there are more than one.
2.) Restart the computer. !!
3.) Download and install the App again from the BridgeClub web site.

: Logon to the BCL web site.
- Look in the left hand side column for:
- To Install - Install the old Java Program as a Desktop Shortcut if you have not already done so
- Click the blue Install link on the web page and follow the steps to bring back your desk top icon.

Bridge4Free: Logon to the B4F web site.
- Click the Support tab -->> Install Bridge4Free App and follow the steps.




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