Desktop Icon disappeared. Reinstall Desk Top icon

My desktop icon no longer shows.

1.) Remove any previous installations of the Bridge Club application
2.) Restart the computer !
And then 3.) download and install the application again from the Bridge Club web site.

as follows:

1.) Open the Java Control Panel -
    -If an Apple Mac: Click on the Apple icon on top left of screen.
   -Go to System Preferences
   -Click on the Java icon to access the Java Control Panel.

Look for Temporary Internet Files - click [Settings] --> [Delete Files] ; tick all 3 options and [OK]
OK again to go back to the Java Control Panel --> General tab.
Now Click [VIEW] under the same Temporary Internet Files.
Highlight Bridge Club Live --- IOBC --- Applet and
Click the red X at the top to Delete. Delete ALL Bridge Club Applications if there are more than one.
2.) Restart the computer. !
3.) Download and install the App again from the Bridge Club web site.

Logon to the Bridge Club Live web site.
Click the [Support] tab --> Software Details --> JAVA & APPs

Old version Bridge Program

If you need to re-install our old JAVA program, click here and follow instructions.

Note: This version ONLY works for desktops and Laptops in BridgeClubLive - it does NOT work for Tablets or Smartphones nor does it work in the Guest MPS Room.

PLEASE NOTE: This old software program requires JAVA to be installed on your computer. Click here for the Oracle download Website to get their latest version.













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