Tablet: How do I enter the bridge club/room and play a hand?

Using an iPad? Did you install our   iPad app? No ?  Press HERE
Using an Android tablet? Did you install our   Android app? No ?  Press HERE

Below are some guidelines and pictures, to familiarize yourself with the bridge club on your tablet.(Pressing 'ClickToPlay' on our home page will not work)

Press the BridgePlayer app on your tablet.

If this is the First time you use it, you have to SetUp the app with your memberID and password

  • Press Setup - enter your ID and Password/Doorkey in the appropriate fields and press Done.
  • Now press Play and select the club you wish to enter
  • You will see a list of Rooms
  • If you press Members you will see the members that are in the club.(this list is scrollable)
  • PROFILE: Press an alias in the members list or anywhere in the club to see his/her profile
  • Press Rooms  to bring back the rooms list
  • Press a bridge room to enter.
  • You will see a list of Tables - First you see incomplete tables that may need a player and is being advertised, followed by the complete tables
  • SIT. Tap Start A table or tap a table that needs player(s) - Tap an available seat. 

If you want to watch a table in play : select a table you want to spectate and then touch the eye symbol (in the same row as the refresh and chat button)

Regularly press REFRESH to update your view.

Incomplete tables show first, followed bij the complete, full tables.

Spare Seat indicates a vacant seat  
Press Spare Seat or Start A Table and press where to sit

All chat messages appear at the right hand side
If you want to reply to a message you press the speech bubble - and type your answer in the big white speech bubble which has popped up.

     The BiddingBox - Press the Bid you want to make      

Leave Club - top right = leaving the club.
















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