Can I use my tablet to play bridge in Bridge4Free ?


Yes - no special applications, plug-ins or add-ons needed.

To enter Bridge4Free please take the following steps:

1) Use a web browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, EDGE or another to go to
2) Enter your ID (MemberID) and Passw (Password) and Login
3) Press the "Play Bridge" button - and then "Enter Bridge4Free"
4) You see the [Lobby] and the [Guest MPS] room -
Press [Guest MPS] to enter the play room and you see a list of tables in play.
5) To Spectate a table : press the blue eye symbol in front of the table number.
To Join a table : press an empty seat (Sit North/East/South or West)
To Start a table : press "Start A Table" - top left.

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