How do some players seem to write long messages very quickly

You can create 20 user defined messages.
How to adjust the Standard Message to your own personal likings.
- Go to your main page of
- Click on Members Tab ---->>> Standard Chat Messages
A Standard message can be up to 150 characters long, and the abbreviation for that message, only 30 characters long.

Leave the club and return for your changed messages to take affect.

How to use the Standard Messages in the club. 

Once in the club you can use your standard messages by clicking on the Message button - MSGS - ( bottom right on your screen ) - click [To Chat Box] and choose the message you want to use.

This message will then appear on your chat bar
ALSO if the 20 standard message are not sufficient you might find the following helpful.

An increasing number of players keep a library of prepared messages in their word processing program. This saves repetitious typing.

It is possible to keep your Word program operating while you are online. When you are running two or more programs at once, you will see various buttons right at the very bottom of your screen. By clicking these buttons, you can swap between one program and another.

To transfer a prepared message, first you click the button at the bottom of the screen to your Word program. There you highlight with your mouse the text that you want to copy. Then click Edit and Copy. Then click the Bridge Club Live! button at the bottom of the screen to bring you back to the club.

Although there is no "Edit", "Cut", "Copy" or "Paste" buttons available on the screen when you are in the club on the Java version of the bridge playing program, you can still carry out these operations.

To paste a pre-prepared message into the chat box, click to place the cursor in the box where you write messages and then press the Ctrl button on the bottom left of your keyboard and with the button still depressed, also press the letter "V". Then your message will appear in the chat box and you can send the message.

Many players use this method when suggesting their favoured system to a new partner. A list of common abbreviations may be found on the web site.
Users Guide / Chat / Abbreviations
To copy from the screen, such as the record of a hand at the end of play of the hand, first highlight the text that you wish to copy. Then press the Ctrl button and with it still depressed, also press the letter "C". Then switch to the screen where you wish to paste your message.

These "Ctrl" functions can be used generally on your screen.

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