Is Bridge Club Live GUEST membership Free of charge ?

Bridge Club Live Guest Membership is free of charge.  Free? - Yes it is free!
You can play for FREE as long as you like. Your email address will not be given to a third party.

Bridge Club Live Guest Membership (Free)
• Guest MPS Room Daily Tournament.
• 96 boards every day with a Leader Board.
• Instant score at the end of each hand based on real play at least 20 times.
• Try it, we know you'll like it and want to move up to ...

Bridge Club Live Full Membership
• Zero tolerance of Quitting or objectionable behaviour.
• MPS, IMPS, and Teams.
• Unique 24/7 “floating” drop-in-drop-out (DIDO) tournament.
• Daily Individual Tournaments.
• Partnership System Cards filled out together pre-play.


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