How to enable and clear the JAVA cache ? (Windows and Apple Mac)

Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows 8/Windows10

  1. Click the Windows button - lower left corner of your screen (right click if Windows 8 or Windows 10)  -->(Programs) --> Control Panel
  2. Click the Java Icon (the coffee cup)
  3. Select the General Tab
  4. Look for  Temporary Internet Files and click [Settings]
    ENABLE: - Make sure  that 'Keep Temporary Files on my computer' is ticked.
    and click OK at the bottom of this box.
  5. Next: click [Delete Files...]
  6. click OK to confirm deleting
  7. Click OK again
  8. Important:    RESTART the computer !


  1. Click on the Apple icon at the top
  2. Click the System Preferences icon to open
  3. Click on Java icon located under the Other section to open Java Control Panel
  4. In Java Control Panel --> General tab -->click on Settings under Temporary Internet Files
    ENABLE - Make sure  that 'Keep Temporary Files on my computer' is ticked.
  5. Click on the Delete Files button on Temporary Internet Files window
  6. This will open the Delete Files and Applications window- click OK to confirm delete
  7. RESTART the computer !! - Important
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