I cannot find any players or tables in the club.

Perhaps the following guidelines will help you to find your way around in the club.

Choose 'Select My Own Seat' in the Control Window.

When you arrive in the club you will see a display of tables.
First, from top left hand side corner and onwards, you'll see the incomplete tables. Followed by the full tables.
As players come and go, the situation at the tables will change. You need to click   regularly to update your screen and see which tables need players.

Kibitzing/Spectating a table.

To see all hands at a table: click once with the mouse on the alias of a seated player and confirm by clicking the display Spectate this Table from the **** (= North/South/East or West).
Or you can choose Kibitz **alias** and you will see the same as the player you are kibitzing.

Joining/Starting a Table

To join a table, you click once with the mouse on the empty seat you want to take - if you are watching a table in play or are already seated, click Lv-Table first - Rest your mouse over  the display and click Join Table seated ****.(N/S/E/W)

If all the tables are full, you may wish to start a new table. To do this, click the empty Start a New Table - top left.

Play A Hand

To advertise for players use the   Advertise button   bottom right.
When you have four players at a table, agree a bidding system with your partner, and once all four players have clicked    READY 
in the centre of the screen the cards will be dealt. When it is your turn to bid or play, your alias will turn green : not vulnerable, dealer - his/her turn:    
vulnerable, not his/her turn : 

Choose a bid from the bidding box, the bid will show at the top of the bidding box, then click once on the bid to confirm.
The bid will appear in the bidding area and it is the next person to make a bid.
               Under the yellow 'blob'  you see the bids made by you / your partner.

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