Add friends to your Friends List

Friends list.
You can add players to your Friends list with Add to Friends in a players profile. 

When in the bridge club. click the alias of the player you want to add to your Friends list


Click/Press Add to Friends 
Select a Group and (optional) you can add a short note
Click/press OK

- To view your Friends list after you entered the bridge club:
click/press [MEMBERS] -> Friends -> select: ALL or ONLINE or UNSEATED.

- To edit a friend's details:
Click/Press on the alias of a Friend -> Edit Friend Details

There are 4 different groups:  A, B, C and D.
A = Green
B = Yellow
C = Red
D = Mauve

On our home page -> Members -> Friends list you can also view your Friends list and Questions and Answers that explain more. 

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