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Friends list.
You can add players to your Friends list when in the bridge club.
Press the alias of the player you want to add to your Friends list and then Add to Friends  


Press Add to Friends 
Select a Group and (optional) you can add a short note
Press OK

You can also add members to your Friends list via their profile on the home page.
Press the MEMBERS tab --> Look up a Profile and press the profile of the friend to be.
Bottom left you see [Add To Friends]


- To view your Friends list after you entered the bridge club:
Press [MEMBERS] -> Friends -> select: ALL or ONLINE or UNSEATED.

- To edit a friend's details:
Press on the alias of a Friend -> Edit Friend Details

There are 4 different groups:  A, B, C and D.
A = Green
B = Yellow
C = Red
D = Mauve
It is up to you if and how you choose the group. On our home page -> Members -> Friends list you can also view your Friends list and Questions and Answers that explain more. 

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 How do I enter friends onto my friends list

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