Why don't I have the Add to Friends list or Invite as Partner buttons on my profile ?

You will not see those 2 buttons when you click your own profile.- not much use in inviting yourself as partner or put yourself on your friends list. :-)

However, you will see the buttons when you click on some one else's profile

Add to Friends list.
If you click on the Friends button on our main page, you will find some explaining Questions and Answers.

The Add to Friends List  button in a players profile when in the club, is to make it easier to add that player to the Friends list.

Click Add to Friends List on a Profile if you want to add that player to your list.
Once added, you may want to change the group , using the scroll bar in the profile card of that player, or add short notes like: i.e. friendly person :) - once the changes are made, press Update Friends List

If you have players on your friends list, then they will show in a different colour when they are logged on to the club.

If you are logged on to the club, and click the MEMBERS ---->> Show Friends who are logged on, then you will see in a glance where your friends are.

There are 4 different groups:  A, B, C and D.
A = Green
B = Yellow
C = Red
D = Mauve

Invite As Partner System

If you click the button then the member will be invited to be your partner

If the invited partner is using our latest software then the Bidding System(s) that you have in your profile will be shown to the member, in the Invite 'Window'

If the invited partner accepts then:

If you are seated at a table the invited partner will be moved to the room and seated as your partner in the wink of an eye

If you are not seated then you have 120 seconds to start (or join) a table in the room that you are in, your invited partner will be seated shortly after that


The invited partner has 60 seconds to accept your invitation (All software versions have a way to accept or decline)

The invited partner can also choose to decline ALL invitations (All our software versions have a way to choose this)

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