Can I talk privately to partner when at a table ? Clearly not about the hand. Can I send a message without everyone seeing?

When both seated at a table and in play, then all chats go 'To Table' even if you send your message to f.i. your partner.

When seated at a table then all chat addressed to one particular player, even the chat from 'outside the table', can be read by all 4 players at the table.

If you send a personal message to a player elsewhere in the club, while you are seated at a table :

◦the addressed player sees the message but not your table mates.
◦if the addressed player is playing at another table then the players at that table see the message

When you are both NOT seated and a private message is sent, then no-one else can read that message

All is set-up like this to prevent any form of passing on unauthorised information.

When you want to talk privately with another player, then it is best to not to be seated.

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