What is BridgeClubLive?

The International On-Line Bridge Club was formed in 1994 as a dedicated consortium focused on providing a high quality online bridge.

The club is called "BridgeClubLive".

We have been in continuous operation for over 24 years, having started on a Windows based system, we developed a Java Web based program giving easy access and use to both PC and MAC users, which has now ended.

We have developed NeXtGen, our program to play bridge in a web browser that works on all modern Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Phones.

We currently have over 8000 active members of all categories.

We are unique in being able to cater for both SAYC and ACOL players.

We are based in London, England and our own dedicated servers are located in France, configured as a range of virtual cloud servers delivering all our services. We write all our software and all Intellectual rights are 100% owned by us.

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    Please get rid of the hiedious white background on the tables. Make it yellow with black letters. U have a lot of old people with bad eye sight and the white is terrible. PLEASE

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