iPad: I lose connection; cannot connect; cannot join or sit; cannot leave the club.

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Make sure that your iPad has a good, un-interrupted wifi signal, directly from the router. (If you are being disconnected often, it may help if you reboot the router/modem.)

Do not move away from the bridge club; do not change screen/view whilst waiting/playing/dummy.

You'll find that using using a web browser, not the BridgePlayer App. is much more stable.
- Logon with you ID and Password to < >
- Press the green [Play Bridge] - and enter the bridge club.
-->> NeXtGen Guidelines <<--


The number one troubleshooting tip for any device is to shut it down and restart it.
The iPad is no different. :

With no app open, double tap the home button. On screen you will see all recently run apps. Find the BridgePlayer app -
maybe scroll left or right with your finger until you see the BridgePlayer app.

Rest your finger in the center of the large image of the app and drag it upwards to the top of the screen. The app will vanish from the screen. Tap the home button once.
You have now reset our app (your member details are still remembered).

 If the above is no help then restarting your iPad may do the trick.

If you are experiencing issues with the iPad, whether it is an unresponsive iPad, apps randomly crashing, or the iPad simply running too slow, it might be time to reboot the iPad.

When you reset the iPad by shutting it down and powering it back on, you flush all apps from memory, even those that have misbehaved. This is a safe process that will keep all of your data on the iPad. In essence, rebooting the iPad gives it a clean slate and plenty of elbow room, which clears up any problems caused by an app running amok.                                              


How to Reboot the iPad








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