Cannot enter the bridge club - Blocked by Java security

Please try the following:

  • From the Desktop, right-click on the Windows icon - bottom-left on your screen and choose Control Panel from the pop-up menu.
        -If an Apple Mac: Click on the Apple icon on top left of screen.
       -Go to System Preferences
       -Click on the Java icon to access the Java Control Panel.
  • (Programs) --> Click on Java icon to open the Java Control Panel.
  • •Click on the Security tab ; Click on the Edit Site List button
    •Click Add in the Exception Site List window and add:

Note: 2 times the word bridge and no www. !






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    Mary Theresa McLellan

    Most helpful and knowledgeable starr who have immediately answered my questions and been an enormous help in solving problems.  I am now reassured that java should be no more.  it has taken me awhile to comprehend the new system and to accept a change.  I am supportive because my experience with  this company has assured me that it is doing what is best for the consumer.  Thank you.


    Mary McLellan

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    I am a complete technophobe - but even I had no difficulty in cancelling the java security block for bridgeclub live.  Very straightforward guidance given by the Club, not assuming that everyone knows their way round a computer - thanks for this technophobe user friendly guidance.

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