Enable plugin / add on (JAVA)

Please check if Java is enabled in your browser settings.


  • Open Internet Explorer --> Click Tools --> Manage Add-ons -->
  • Look for the Currently loaded add-ons drop down, click it and change to read All add-ons
  • Now Look for Oracle America, Inc. in the right hand side drop down.
  • Make sure that Java SE Runtime and Java Plug-in are Enabled. The Enable button is bottom right
  • Click Close

If Java is not working, make sure that the Java plugin is enabled in the Add-ons window:
1. Open Firefox. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button and/or click Tools in the menubar.
    Then click Add-ons.  The Add-ons Manager will open.
2. Select the PLUGINS Panel
3. Find the Java(TM) Platform  and click Always Activate

Open Chrome and type in the address bar:    chrome://plugins
    and a page with installed plugins opens

Look for:

Click Enable and tick Always allowed

Click Enable and tick Always allowed


Mac and Safari

  1. Click on Safari and select Preferences
  2. Choose the Security option
  3. Select Allow Plug-ins, then click on Manage Website Settings
  4. Click on the Java item, select an option (Ask, Allow or Allow Always) from the pulldown list When visiting other websites
  5. Click Done, then close the Safari Preferences window



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