Android tablet: I lose connection;cannot connect; cannot join or sit; cannot leave the club.

Make sure that your tablet has a good, un-interrupted wifi signal, directly from the router.
Do not move away from the bridge club whilst waiting/playing/dummy.

The number one troubleshooting tip for any device is to shut it down and restart it. A tablet is no different.
If you are experiencing issues with your tablet, whether it is an unresponsive tablet, apps randomly crashing, or simply running too slow, it might be time to reboot your tablet. 

Any time you use your Android tablet -- to play a game, for example, surf the Web or install an app -- the device stores a small amount of information that helps facilitate quicker access to frequently used data. This cache of temporary files consumes valuable memory space, however, and can cause the device to become glitchy.
Regularly clearing the various cache histories on your Android tablet can help free up space and improve the device's performance.
Clear an Individual App's Cache

App cache files improve the way applications work on your Android tablet. They can, for example, encourage faster loading, store your scores and current level, plus track your progress on your favourite social network.
Unfortunately, the cache information can also cause the app to become cumbersome.
Tap the "Settings" gear icon.
Tap "More" and select "Application Manager" or "Application Data" then tap the application you wish to manage. Select "Clear Cache" from there.

Clear the App Cache.

Some Android devices allow you to clear the app cache files from all of your installed applications simultaneously.
If you are presented with a storage space error or find that all of your apps are slow, this may present an effective solution.
Swipe downward on your Notification bar and tap the gear icon, then tap "More." Select "Storage" and look to see if you have a "Cached Data" section available.
If so, tap on it and authorize the device to complete the process of clearing all of your app cache files at once.

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