How do I enter Bridge4Free?


Using an iPad:
Using an Android tablet:

To enter Bridge4Free when using a desktop / laptop:  

please take the following steps:
1. Open the Bridge4Free web site at
2. If being asked, fill in your MemberID and Password top right on the web page
  and press Log in
3. Click Install & PLAY  - right of the HOME button - proceed  from there.

Download the Bridge4Free .jnlp file
Each web browser has its own way of dealing with downloads.
Look further down for your web browser.


ALL web browsers:
(see further below for the individual browsers)
 Java starts loading Bridge4Free :

You may have to give permission to (1.) Run and if you don't want to be asked again tick box 2 first.

Click: Select My Own Seat

and you are in the BridgeClub and have this icon on your desktop for quick club entry next time.

If you have problems entering the club:

1. Check if the latest java plugin is installed by going to the java web site at and [Free Java Download] - follow the steps on screen.
(Use Firefox, InternetExplorer or Safari - do not use Chrome or EDGE)
2. Is the plugin enabled is in your web browser?
3. Does your pop-up blocker a/o security software allow you to enter the club and do you accept our cookies?

Installation of BridgeClub Desktop App does not work.



NOTE: All pictures are examples and are not clickable.

Choose Option (1) to download the .jnlp file



Left Click Install Bridge4Free    and (depending on your browser settings) Choose Save

once finished downloading click Open


  Internet Explorer

Left Click Install Bridge4Free 




Left Click Install Bridge4Free  and (depending on your browser settings) Choose Keep

once finished downloading double-click to Open




Left Click Install Bridge4Free 

and (depending on your browser settings) open the file.





  1. RIGHT click - Install Bridge4Free
  2. Select "Save Link As"
  3. Select Where: Downloads
  4. Open Finder and navigate to the Downloads Folder
  5. RIGHT click the file and choose Open












java is not supported

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