I use a tablet to play bridge in the club. How do I read and write Sticky Notes ?

You can find your sticky notes by logging to the home page of 


  • Look for Sticky Notes (left-middle on the page) and tap the Read button
  • Proceed from there

To SEND a sticky note from the sticky note page:

  • Top left on the sticky note page you can search for a member
  • type the first letters of the alias you desire and press the GO
  • Tap on the name you want to address your sticky
  • Type your message in the appropriate field
  • PRESS Send To and when you see: Your message was sent! you know the addressee will see your message next time he/she logs on to our home page.
  • Close the page.

To reply to a received sticky note:

  • Open the receive sticky note
  • tap the underlined alias
  • type your message and Send it. 



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