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If you want to upload a photo, it should be in .jpg format.
The server will deal with resizing if needed.
- Make sure you know where you have saved the photo on your device.
- Log on to our main page and press Members (in the black menu bar) --> My Profile
Press Change your photo
On the next page:
Step 1: Press [Choose file ...] --> find and select your photo/image on your device
Step 2: Press [Upload] only ONCE - and wait for a moment  until you see the final success page confirmation.

Make sure that "Others can see your photo" is ticked on your Profile page

- You may have to refresh/reload the Profile page to see the new uploaded photo in your profile.

Don't forget to press [Save Changes] at the top or the bottom of the profile page.
NOTE: If you don't see the new image, then your 'old' photo is most likely cached by your web browser.
This will clear eventually. You can speed up the process by clearing the browser cache.
See --> : I have uploaded a new photo/image to my profile. The old photo/image still shows





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