Why do I need to install a desk top App ?

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera no longer support the Java plug-in.
The fate of Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer are unknown at present

So all the big companies are making this change necessary, it is not a decision by us.

All we can do is protect you from their changes, you had until the end of 2016 to make sure that you can install and use our desk top Application, after that your old way of playing bridge may no longer work

To enter the bridge club: double click the desk top icon
To look at results or (BridgeClubLive Members) read our forum, sticky notes , ladders, other web pages go to our web site using a web browser.

Be patient, don't rush, try to install and test at a quiet time , we are here to help you

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    It is great to know we can work on this together .

    I just got your new way with old panel to log in & it did work .This would be great if it lasts .I got a message showing me the new Java & was very easy just I click on the icon .it is a all GREY icon .no more info @ the time .

    Thanks for support ,that is all we can do ,support  each other .





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