How do I change my Alias? I use the Java desk top icon version

Note: Bridge4Free Members cannot change their allocated alias.
To change Alias one has to be a Full member of our Premier Club BridgeClubLive .

To change alias for BridgeClubLive members who use the desk top app:

1. Do not click the desk top icon to enter the club! Make sure the icon is 'closed'
2. Logon to the Bridge Club Live home page ( and press the blue link "Install the old Java Program as ......" (in the same column as the Play Bridge button)
3. On the page which opens is the Option to Change Your Alias - looks like the example below. Type the new alias in the appropriate box and click [Change Alias]. 
4. Now enter the club using the desk top app - your new alias shows now in the club - stay in the club for 10 minutes so the server has time to update your details.


Tablet App users do not have the option to change alias.

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