Bridge Application (desk top icon) does not let me view the home page and all that is on there?

The app and the web site are two different things.
The app is to quickly load the bridge club and enter the club.
The BridgeClubLive web site is e.g. to read sticky notes or the comment board or the results.
The Bridge4Free website is where you can view the leader board.
You still need a web browser of your choice - like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

You can play and also visit our home page:

To visit web site:
The BridgeClubLive web site <> using EDGE, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari or whichever browser you use. 

The Bridge4Free web site <>

To Play
Go to your desk top. (Windows users: press the Windows symbol key and the letter D at the same time takes you to the desktop) 
(double) click the icon to play bridge.

2 icons  - one for BridgeClubLive and one for Bridge4Free.

If you play in one club only, then you will have only one desk top icon.

At the end of your bridge session you can leave the club and close the web pages as usual.







 My problem is when clicking the desktop icon I am taken straight into the playing room and cannot find a way of returning to the home page which I need to access all the other info such as results etc.

I'm using the latest version of the BridgeClubLive Java app but I can't see
the Members Page when I start it up.

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