I want to contact a Member, but don't have his/her e-mail address.

You can write him/her a Sticky Note and your message will appear on the Main Web Page of the recipient when they next login. All you need to know is their ALIAS. This keeps privacy for both parties.

To post / send /read received sticky notes :

  • Log on with your ID and doorkey to the BridgeClubLive home page(the page with the buttons to the comment boards and sticky notes)



Click ALL or  READ to read All sticky notes, if any.
To reply to a received sticky note, click the underlined alias of the sender 

If you want to send a 'new' sticky note:
Look Top left: - type the first letters of the alias you want and press GO

    • Click on the name you want to address your sticky
    • Type your message in the appropriate field
    • Click on SEND TO
    • Now the page should say Your message was sent!
    • Close the page.







Send sticky notes
Read Sticky notes





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