I want to upgrade/renew my BridgeClubLive Membership

If you do not want to pay on-line with your credit card: --> Payment Alternatives
Below are the steps to renew/upgrade your membership and pay on-line.
All Credit Card Payments will be processed in UK£ at the UK£ price and therefore subject to currency fluctuations at the time of transaction.
To Upgrade/Renew your BridgeClubLive Membership go to our Home page - log on with your MemberID and Password if needed.

Press the Subscription tab --> Buy/Renew Membership
and select the membership type of your choice.
The next page will be pre-filled in with your Details.
Check the details (bank uses these to verify your credit card)
Press CONTINUE and again CONTINUE after having checked your order.
Press Pay by Credit Card
If all correct and complete, press Submit Payment and follow the other necessary steps on screen.

Enter the credit card number without any blanks or spaces
Allow up to 5 minutes for the bank to verify your details and credit card number. Do NOT Close or REFRESH the page during the verification process.

You will receive a confirming email after a successful payment.

Payment Alternatives
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