Invite a Player to Play


Make sure you are not in the lobby when you are inviting a player.

Press the blue alias of the player you want to invite: e.g. you want to invite Support:
Support  [Lobby] is lurking 
His/her Profile shows bottom right on screen
Press 'Invite to Play' in the Profile


You see in the Chat Area:
Online Server > Waiting 60 seconds for *ALIAS* to accept or decline your invitation
The Invited player sees on screen:


He/she can give a decline or accept reason.( Optional )


If Accepted (with a given reason) you'll see in the Chat Area:
Support > Joke NL > yes please
Online Server > Support has accepted your invitation, please start or join a table within 120 seconds

You start or join a table and the Invited Player will be auto seated opposite you

If Declined:
Online Server > Support has declined your invitation
The Declining Player sees:
Online Server > You have declined Joke NL's invitation

No reply:
Online Server > Timed out - Support did not accept or decline your invitation





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