Enter the bridge club (NeXtGen)

NeXtGen - The newest way to enter the club - no downloads or installation -
Logon with your memberID and Password to or
BCL: Press [Play Bridge] - Press [Enter] and  [Enter BCL Club]
B4F: Press the [Play] button. (below the Bridge4Free logo) - Press [Enter B4Free Room]

HINT: In the club everything BLUE is 'click-able'.

You are in the Lobby and see the available rooms.
Press the room you want to enter. 


You see a list of tables. The list is scroll-able if appropriate.
Start A Table : Press an empty seat - top left
Take a Seat: Press a Seat, when it shows Sit North/East/South/West

Spectate a table in Play:
Press the blue Eye symbol in front of the word Table
View a Player's Profile:
Press his/her Alias. The Profile shows bottom right.

Remember: Everything in BLUE is click-able.

To Leave the Club: Always Press the EXIT button.


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