Chat - General (NeXtGen)

When you enter the club, you will see that Chat is by default Set to Lurkers.

[Enter your chat here] = the area to type your message
Click in the chat area, and it will turn yellow.
You can start typing your message
Press Enter (or the blue arrow Chat_Blue_Arrow.JPG) - your message goes to what your chat is set to right of the arrow 

When you are:                          Chat Default is to 
Lurking Lurkers
Spectating Spectators
Seated Table

[Search] - to search a member in the club - type first letter(s) of the alias.
or use the Members in the club list.
1. Press a (blue) Alias (on the table, in a members list or in the already received chat (remember that everything in blue is press-able) 
Profile appears at the right hand side
2. Press the blue Chat To  (left of the alias in the profile) -
this high-lights the chat out in yellow, and sets the chat to go to the selected player.
3. Type your chat - press Enter.(or the Blue arrow)


To set the Chat To back to the default click the X



The Cogwheel  CHogwheel.JPG  has various options.

Press an option to Turn ON or OFF









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