Play DIDO Tournament

PLEASE NOTE: If you start a round of 4 boards in DIDO, you are committed to complete those four boards, and you should allow for at least 30 minutes before starting the round, even though the average duration of a DIDO round is about 22 minutes.

You have to Enter the DIDO Tournament and start a DIDO table - your partner sits opposite you or vice versa.

You cannot manually sit as opponent. The server will get you opponents.
You cannot sit on an empty seat when you are spectating/kibitzing, first Leave the table.

If you have no pre-arranged partner, then you can advertise for a partner;
OR sit opposite an advertising player at a DIDO table 
(a single seated player might just have finished a DIDO round and the table is no longer in the tournament or the empty seat is reserved for their pre-arranged partner. Hence you cannot sit opposite that player)

OR Invite a player to play. Make sure that both,  you and the player you want to invite, are NOT seated when you do so.
Press Invite To Play  in the profile of the player you want to Invite Profile_to_Invite1.jpg                    
If your invite is accepted then YOU have to start a table and the invited player will be auto seated opposite you.

You cannot manually sit as opponent. The server will get you opponents.

When both are seated, agree on SSD 

if it says in the chat bar:
Online Server > Looking for another pair. Please wait.

the server does the rest. 
After 4 boards,  press READY if you want to continue to play 4 boards against another pair.

See article on the home page or click this direct link

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