Standard greeting to partner, opponents or all at the table.


Use the Standard Messages - 

Greetings to Partner, Opponents (by Alias) or All at the table will show in the standard messages box when appropriate. The server will show the correct alias in the chat bar

Examples (when logged on as Support):
Hello opponents gives:  Support > Hello MariaD51023 and Norma K.
Hello All gives: Support > Hello JokeNL and MariaD51023 and Norma K.
Welcome Partner gives: Support > JokeNL > Hello, welcome, thanks for joining me.
Can I be your partner? 
givesSupport > JokeNL > Hello, can I partner you please?
I am waiting for my Partner gives: Support > JokeNL > Hello, I am waiting for my partner to join me, another time thanks.

To open your Standard Messages - press the standard messages symbol


Standard Messages when seated and having a partner and opponent(s)
(the correct options show when applicable)




You can edit your own messages: Read H E R E to find out how






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