SSD What, how? Set-up/Edit/Update an SSD.

SSD is short for Simple System Disclosure and per definition by partnership agreement and not a personal system card/convention card. 
A single person cannot setup or change the partnership's SSD because both partners have to confirm and agree. North or East fills it in and partner South or West confirms. 
With a different partner you will or can have a different agreement, and therefore a different SSD.

If you want to amend an existing SSD with a partner or set up your SSD, you can do this at your leisure in ''The Office'' room in the bridge club. It is not compulsory to use "The Office". Also in the various rooms, except for the Social room and the Coaching Corner where the SSD is not needed, you can set-up an SSD.
Both of you have to be present and sit opposite at a table and you can set up an SSD or change your existing SSD, till it is exactly what you want. (North or East fills in/changes the SSD - submits to partner South/West, who Confirms  or Declines

When you sit with a partner as North or East in a room the server will tell you if SSD is obligatory
Online Server > To enter the **** Tourney, submit an SSD. 
At present you do not need an SSD in the Social room and the Coaching Corner.
On Screen the following Dialog Box will appear. 
Select the correct options by scrolling on the arrowhead at the right on each of 5 lines.
Once all filled in -> Submit: to partner
Partner (who will be South or West) will see the following: 
When Partner has confirmed that this is your system - or Declined it for alteration and then subsequently Confirmed it - you will be ready to play (perhaps waiting for your opponents to confirm their system)
Next you will see your Opps SSD appear  on screen and you are Ready to begin.
(- you can press the SSD button - bottom left to view Opps SSD or Your SSD)
You only have to prepare an SSD once with each of your partners. The server will save your partnership SSD's.
If you want to edit an existing SSD with a partner, you can do this at your leisure in ''The Office''. Both of you have to be present.
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