I see an advertisement for a player, I cannot find that table.

When you arrive in the lobby you see the rooms in the club.
Press the room you wish to Enter. You will see the tables in the room:
First the icon to Start a Table, followed by tables with 1 seated player, then with 2 seated players, then 3 seated players. Then the full tables in ascending order.

As players come and go, the situation at the tables will change.
Press REFRESH regularly to update your screen and see which tables need players.
If you don't see the advertising table # amongst the incomplete tables then it is either Full and shows amongst the full tables or the table is abandoned.

Table order
Tables in room always show in ascending table # number order
First the incomplete tables (in ascending order) with 1 player seated, then (in ascending order) with 2 seated players, then (in ascending order) with 3 seated players followed by the complete tables (in ascending order).



Tables_in_RoomXA_19072019.jpg Click for --> Larger Image 





if someone wants advertise for a partner how do i get to play with them




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