Play a Hand

Play A Hand once seated at a table:


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To advertise for players use the Advertise button in the middle. Select the appropriate option. 

When you have four players at a table, agree a bidding system with your partner, and once all four players have pressed  READY (looks like this button Ready_button.JPG in the middle of your screen) the game can begin.

The cards will be dealt. On screen the dealer and the vulnerability show.

An Alias turns yellow when it his/her turn to bid or play.


Choose a bid from the Bidding Box, the bid will show at the top of the box, press the bid again to confirm. The bid will appear in the bidding area and it is the next person to make a bid. If you don't see the bidding box press the Bidding Box button in the top right area.


Your own attitude shows in Yellow (in this example image N/S is yellow)


Once the bidding is finished, the contract shows top right on screen. 

Pressing the Contract button brings back the auction.

When playing the hand, press the card you want to play and press it again to play it. (pressing twice = to prevent playing the wrong card)
The trick on the table disappears when the next card is played.


To claim: click the appropriate button at the left hand side and wait for opponents to accept or decline the claim.




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