How to submit an Interim Incident Report.

 If an incident happens and you're in the middle of bidding or playing you can
create an Interim Incident Report and finalise the report later.
An Interim Report logs up to 30 minutes of the chat, seating and contract history, the names of the players and where they were seated.

It helps you to know exactly who was at the table when an issue occurred.
You can use an Interim Incident Report to create an Ethics Report. 
To create the interim report press the appropriate button at the bottom of the right hand side panel.
see example image:


A box (see below example) pops up.


Press the HERE and you created an Interim Report.
Note: You have not yet reported the Incident! As you can read in the chat:

Online Server > Your Interim Incident Report has been logged, please check your emails.

The interim report is to make it easier to remember names and times.
You will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.

If you do not have that confirmation email then please act as follows: 
Go to our web site and press [Information] -> Ethics -> Submit an Ethics Report
and --> Click Here To view your Interim Incident Reports
Press Click to View of IIR # ****  Date and Time Age: 0*Days
Press the green table where the situation is closest to what you want to report.
Describe the problem in the appropriate field and submit the incident.








 A player behaved bad/ was rude/ committed serious infringement at the table/quit before the played hand was finished


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