What is DIDO ?

DIDO = 'Drop In Drop Out' MPS Tournament

The Daily DIDO Tourney is a 'Drop in Drop out' MPS tournament that runs on a daily basis in the BCL Daily MPs room for nearly 24 hours from 7.01 am GMT till 6.49 am GMT, but at a time to suit you and partner and NOT at a fixed time.
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The DIDO Tourney

The Dido Tourney allows all Full (non social) members, where ever they live, to take part in a pseudo movement tourney which more realistically approaches a real life tournament at any time convenient to them.

One can play just 4 boards at a time as the Dido Tourney is truly Drop-in, Drop-out. Also one can play with different partners at different times.

PLEASE NOTE: If you start a round of 4 boards in DIDO, you are committed to complete those four boards, and you should allow for at least 30 minutes before starting the round, even though the average duration of a DIDO round is about 22 minutes.


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