How do I find a partner?

Here are a few tips on how to find a regular partner. (tips in no particular order)

  • Play in an Individual Tournament (Excellent way to get to know people! .
    Note: you commit yourself to play 18 boards with various random allocated partners.
  • Advertise on the Find a Partner forum. You will find a button FindAPartner on our home page under header Comment Boards.
    Send a sticky note to: FindAPartner to advertise anonymous
  • Look at the Members in the Club list, click a non-seated member alias and you will see his/her profile with their preferred bidding system(s).
  • If suitable, you can Invite this member to play by clicking the 'Invite to Play' link in their profile. The Invited player can either accept or decline your invitation.

See also our Help page: Invite a Partner

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