Result emails not received

The BridgeClubLive Result emails are sent to the email address we have on file for you.
Once the email batch has "left" our server the mails are beyond our control.

Most likely they ended in your spam/junk/bulk folder, or they are delayed or your mail provider did not pass the emails on because they considered the email spam.

It does help if you add to your address book as a trusted sender.

blobid4.png If an email was incorrectly marked as spam in Gmail, follow the steps below to remove it from Spam.
Open Gmail.
In the top left, tap Menu --> Spam.
Tap the sender's profile image next to the message that isn't spam. Mark the email as Not Spam.

To stop a message from being sent to Spam in the future it helps if you:

Add the sender to your Contacts:
How? -> read this page:

If you then still not receive your email, you had best to contact your mail provider.
If you "Google" : spam - and your mail provider, you will find many explanatory web sites and web pages

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