4 friends at a table

One cannot 'book' or 'reserve' at table for 4

➔2 or 4 friends can play together.
They have to be registered, FULL or Social members of BridgeClubLive.

4 friends  - A, B, C, and D.
A invites B - C invites D to play. using the Invite link in their profile.
Once B and D accept the invite, the seats opposite A and C are reserved.
starts a table and informs C. 
C refreshes the table view, sees the table and sits as opponent.
B and D will be auto seated. 

Invite to Play

Note: The above doesn't work in rooms with an auto movement.

2nd option:

You can set one of the others as your partner and the seat opposite
you is reserved for a certain time.
The other two do the same and then e.g. you start a table, and one
of your friends sits quickly as possible as opponent.
Your partner's seat and the friend’s partner seat is reserved, so no-one else can grab the seats.
Off you go :)
See:  Reserve a Seat     

➔ 8 or more players
Teams of Four room

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