I am (or appear to be) disconnected from the BridgeClub? (Websocket Server Connection)

Cannot get in the club? Web socket error?
Some providers, such as BT, sometimes deny access to BCL as it was falling foul of the parental controls as apparently it can be seen as a gambling risk. Add BCL to your list of acceptable sites. Hopefully that will solve the entry issue. 
Also check the parental controls settings at the router level and add the bridge club domain to an allowed list.

Some other suggestions that may help: 

  • - restart your web browser.
  • - reboot/restart your pc/laptop/tablet
  • - restart the hub/router (turn off/unplug, wait 5-10 minutes and turn back on.)
  • - make sure you have a good, UN-interrupted WIFI signal - don't be too far away from your hub/modem/router.
  • - not have too many other tabs open.
  • - close all tabs and close your web browser and start again --> go to our home page --> press Play Bridge.
  • - use another web browser - often that works, even if you only use it for one time only.

Your provider may also have problems connecting you and keeping  you connected to the bridge club.

You may want to try to connect your device to your mobile phone (not your WIFI network), so called tethering, bypassing your provider.
If that works then you know it is your internet provider who is having issues.
This will not use all your phone credit, not to worry


From other members with the same issue:

- "When I switched off my Virus Protection programme, the problem went away.
The conclusion is that McAfee believes NextGen to be a virus.
Anyway, I can now play bridge at a reasonable speed without being dumped."


- "I found the solution. As a security measure I have the setting, that the use of my camera and microphone is not readily available but only after a clearing after questioning.
While playing with the browser, this setting upsets the system with continuous asking for access. 
I changed the setting to free access and now it works. Tonight I had no problems."





play bridge button it goes yellow
"Unable to login the club"




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