I cannot login - websocket error

Cannot get in the club? Web socket error?
Some providers, such as BT, sometimes deny access to BCL as it was falling foul of the parental controls as apparently it can be seen as a gambling risk. Add BCL to your list of acceptable sites. Hopefully that will solve the entry i

Otherwise you may want to try:
- close all bridge club tabs in your web browser one-by-one with the little x in the corner, then close the web browser (= X in the top right corner).
- Re-open your browser and go to and try again.
Still no luck?
- Restart your router (unplug it, wait 5 to 10 minutes and turn the router back on AND restart your computer.

or try using a different browser


Bear in mind that in this hectic time, your provider may also have problems connecting you and keeping  you connected to the bridge club.






play bridge button it goes yellow
"Unable to login the club"




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