I get 4 piles of cards/stacked cards

Do not EXIT the club, but close the Play Bridge tab (press the X) and re-enter the club. Play_Bridge_tab.jpg

If that does not help:

1.- Make sure browser 'zoom' is set to normal -> Press the Ctrl key and the digit zero (Ctrl +0)
2.- Exit the club, close Play Bridge tab; press Play Bridge on our home page and re-enter the club.
if the above does not work:
3.- use a different web browser

If you use an iPad:
Try double tapping the screen with three fingers to return to normal.
Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom and turn this OFF.

Also see this iPad help page
If none of the above works, using a different web browser may solve the issue.




"big screen" "overlap" "we have 1 player on our table who cannot see a full hand of cards" "only top card shows" "only the first card in each suit is shown" "cannot see cards"

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