My login failed/cannot enter

Our system is NOT liable to not connect/disconnect/'kick you off' you unless there is a very good reason, usually a connection issue - and then, you can return to where you were in your game as we hold your session whilst YOU, albeit briefly, lose your connection.

Some suggestions that may help: 

  • - regularly restart the hub/router (turn off/unplug, wait 5-10 minutes and turn back on.)
  • - regularly reboot/restart your pc/laptop/tablet
  • - make sure you have a good, UN-interrupted WIFI signal - don't be too far away from your hub/modem/router.
  • - not have too many other tabs open.
  • - close all tabs and close your web browser and start again --> go to our home page --> press Play Bridge.
  • - use another web browser - often that works, even if you only use it for one time only.

Your provider may have problems connecting you and keeping you connected to the bridge club. Check their web site for maintenance or other service reports.

You may want to try to connect your device to your mobile phone (not your WIFI network), so called tethering, bypassing your provider.
If that works then you know it is your internet provider who is having issues.
This will not use all your phone credit, not to worry

in some case it helps to clear the browser cache - see  our --> Knowledge Base page




"cannot enter
"cannot enter the bridge club"






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