How do I register with my local club?


You need to be a current Social or FULL member of BridgeClubLive to register with your club.
Please note: If you want to participate in the F2F Local Club tournaments you need to be a Full Member.


Logon with your BridgeClubLive member details to the home page of BCL at:

Click/Press [Members] in the black menu bar --> Clubs
You will see a List Of Clubs in the right hand side column.
Find and click your club
Next page that opens shows:
"Your Local Club Name" followed by a link to your club's website
Registered Current Members: ***

[X]  You are not registered as a member of this club.

Click HERE to associate as a member of Your Local Club  (ie: You are a member)

Click the HERE on the club's webpage to register with your club.






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