Screen freezes/device not responsive

Our system is NOT liable to disconnect/not connect/'kick you off'/freeze your device unless there is a very good reason, usually a connection issue -
and then, you can return to where you were in your game as we hold your session whilst YOU, albeit briefly, lose your connection.


  • a player cannot bid
  • a player cannot see the cards
  • a player cannot play a card
  • a player cannot press Ready
  • a player has a problem with the SSD system
  • cards seem to 'stick'

then Do NOT click Exit to leave the club but::

  1. close the Play Bridge tab
  2. Press the Play Bridge button
  3. Press the Enter Club button

Do not leave the table or exit the club to try to solve the web browser problem.

If one leaves the table or exits the club then one has to find the table again and the hand is restarted.


- From one of our members:
"When I switched off my Virus Protection programme, the problem went away.
The conclusion is that McAfee believes NextGen to be a virus.
Anyway, I can now play bridge at a reasonable speed without being dumped for failing to refresh."




"Ready button is greyed out"

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