Screen freezes/device not responsive /incorrect or slow/cards stick

If your device is not responding e.g.:


  • cannot bid
  • cannot see the cards
  • cannot play a card
  • cannot press Ready
  • cannot use the Chat bar
  • have a problem showing the SSD
  • your cards seem to 'stick'
  • have problems with bidding box

then Do NOT Leave Table or Exit to leave the club to try and solve the problem but:

  1. stay where you are seated and press the x to close the PLAY BRIDGE tab. Play_Bridge_tab_X.jpg
  2. Re-Enter the bridge club

and you are back where you left.

Do not leave the table or exit the club to try to solve the web browser problem.

If one leaves the table or exits the club then one has to find the table again and the hand is restarted.

You can also use the above if you want to change device on the fly.

If the above doesn't fix the issue use a different web browser - even for one time only - 





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