When I enter any room it is completely empty, just the green background and there are 0 full tables.

Sounds as if you are using Internet Explorer.
Please use a modern web browser, like Chrome, EDGE, Firefox, Safari or Opera.

For several years we are showing a warning message about using Internet Explorer with our NeXtGeneration software.
InternetExplorer does not support some required code.
When using IE you can enter the club, see who is there and talk to them but you cannot change rooms.

From now on, if you wish to play, spectate or kibitz then use one of the following web browsers:
Chrome- build 41 or higher.
EDGE - build 12 or higher. EDGE comes default with Windows 10.
Firefox - build 24 or higher.
Safari - build 9 or higher.
Opera - build 28 or higher.

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